Weekly App Recap

It’s Friday finally. But, before you go and experience the weekend in all its glory, take a moment to read this weekly roundup. After all, it was an amazing week in the app development world.

It’s ripe with new trends, interviews, and even lawsuits. Let’s dig into the weekly roundup.

IoT Impact On Mobile Development

IoT is one of the trends that is going to be dominant throughout 2019. And certainly, IoT will impact app development on a completely new scale. The IoT makes app development simpler and faster because it requires less coding across the apps. That leads to a more centralized and user-friendly ecosystem, which heavily leans on the hybrid apps. And, since IoT is a centralized system using multiple devices, developers will have to think more about cybersecurity. In other words, IoT solutions are going to improve app development on several levels.

Weekly App Recap (Week 49)

Ben Lee Of Rootstrap Explain The Most Common Pitfall Of App Development

Ben Lee, the CEO, and co-founder of Rootstrap, did an interview with Digital Trends Live and explained what is the most common pitfall of app development. After launching a thousand projects, Lee testified that the problem comes from client’s understanding of what’s a priority in the app development. The client usually believes that visual branding or marketing are the most important when launching an app, or any product for that matter. However, Lee states that the most important thing is to find the product-market fit. You can have an amazing idea. But, it’s worthless without a right audience.

What To Look For When Developing An App

No doubt it was a great year for mobile app development. And with the end of the year, there is a need to summarize what makes a great app development process. Most of the time, these key competencies are on the list of every developer. But, most app developers overlook them for technically more important parts of the project. When developing any mobile app, developers should focus on user-centric development, app simplicity, operating system compatibility across the platforms, and tech stack. These are the crucial areas for proper execution of any app development, and developers should attend to them with utmost care.

Apple May Face Another Antitrust Lawsuit

The Supreme Court signals Apple may face another antitrust lawsuit, regarding their app store. The whole thing exploded with the federal lawsuit in 2011 — the case titled “Apple vs. Pepper”. The case revealed that alleged Apple’s total control over the management of apps selling, and the mandatory 30% commision violated the antitrust rules. With the current mood over Big Tech scandals like Cambridge Analytica, the Court isn’t going to be gentle towards Apple.

Guide To Mobile App Personalization

Personalization is also one of the trends that are shaking app development. In the app development personalization is a machine-learned process in which app “learns” to provide options based on the user’s personal preference. The machine learning algorithms are programmed to adapt and analyze user’s current circumstances. Then, the app gives notifications by identifying GPS data, or by identifying user patterns acquired through machine learning. Then, the app provides solutions and notifications, based on these methods, as well as the user’s current circumstances. It improves user experience by a ton, and you should check it out.

Amazon Cloud Reboot For Mobile Development

Amazon Cloud faces a reboot, transforming Amazon Web Services into AWS Amplify. The dev team from Amazon announced a bunch of features, transforming more than nominal. Now, AWS Amplify will allow support for iOS, Android, and React Native among many other frameworks. Also, it will provide better support, as well as the possibility of linking projects across platforms. Lastly, the cloud solution will feature opinionated libraries, including a JavaScript library to make all of your projects even more awesome.

Healthcare App Trends For 2019

It seems like the mobile app development world is constantly improving. The visionary outlook of healthcare app development trends for 2019 supports the argument. The healthcare industry will use most of the new technologies and implement them in various areas to improve healthcare services. The big data, IoT, AR & VR, chatbots, and A.I., are just among those more popular. But, as healthcare is a $5.1 billion industry, healthcare mobile apps are going to get even better, and therefore, improve the mobile app development in the long run.

Weekly App Recap (Week 49)

Mobile App Launch Essentials

While most developers spend a lot of time developing apps, they easily forget about those “other” tasks. Such a task is the app launch, and here are some essential steps to make the process as smooth as possible. The dev team should gather information about the development and testing process, and information about the app release version. After that, the team should test the finished version, followed by a release version checklist. The checklist should consist of some tests relevant to the app development. Then, the dev team should continue post-release monitoring, testing and checking the success of the app launch.

And that concludes this weekly roundup. Stay tuned for the next week when we will go through the fascinating stories from the app development world. Until next time, take a look at some of the most popular ways IoT can benefit the sharing economy!

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