Weekly App Recap (Week 52)

If there’s a year people in the app development world are going to remember, it’s 2018. Constant innovation, new apps, and new tech are just the tip of the iceberg of this year’s app development. So, as you prepare to ease into the New Year festivities, take a final look into 2018, and read the weekly roundup!

In a way, it’s a perfect summary of 2018 app development. Let’s start this weekly roundup!

Leveraging IoT Benefits In Mobile App Development Solutions

The ease of use and growing app demand are two major factors responsible for the rise of IoT app development. The IoT development offers mobile app development various benefits including valuable insights, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, interactivity, and customization. Thus, IoT-based app development improves the business as it offers easy customization, niche segment of the app market, higher security, improved integration, and location independence. However, there’s a constant need to boost cybersecurity measures. Hacking a single IoT device opens all other devices on the network to the security breaches.

Weekly App Recap (Week 52)

Key Findings From Flutter Live

The first Flutter Live event happened at the London Science Museum at the start of December. Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android. And it does it in record time too! Also, Flutter provides free and open code used by developers and organizations around the world. Therefore, Flutter isn’t just for developers though, designers can now use it from start to finish in the app development process. Along with other announcements, Flutter team announced a new app called Hummingbird. It’s a modern portal that runs off the standard web.

A 13-year-old who owns a software development company in Dubai

Aadithyan Rajesh, a student from Kerala, was only nine years old when he developed his first mobile applications and websites. Now a 13-year-old, he owns a software firm. Adithyan started using the computer when he turned five. He launched “Trinet Solutions” at the age of 13. Previously, he began uploading mobile apps on Aptoide. The result was the “Ashiward Browser,” a web browser similar to Google Chrome. Trinet Solutions kicked off on December 17, 2017. And it has a total of three employees, who are friends and seniors from Adithyan school.  

Cost Of Chatbot Development

The modern-day business found many uses for chatbots. In the past decade, chatbots witnessed an unprecedented demand from industries around the globe. Additionally, by 2024 the market size of Chatbots will increase to $1,34 Billion. Furthermore, Chatbots reduce the costs of business and make it more effective in the process. And, that’s why experts believe that Chatbots will contribute $1250 million back to business. Certainly, the rise of chatbots will revolutionize customer care, and make everything easier.

Huawei’s Facing Emotions App Helps Visually Impaired To “Hear” Facial Expressions

Blindness, both partial and total, is a common phenomenon in the world. Particularly, the estimate is that approximately 1.3 billion people live with some form of distance or near-vision condition. Additionally, these impairments make entire life difficult, from washing dishes to reading emotional cues. And, that’s why Huawei’s developed Facing Emotions. Huawei tapped into artificial intelligence to help the impaired see the faces of the people they speak with, and have better communication. In effect, the app translates seven universal emotions. It translates anger, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, and contempt into corresponding sounds.

Facebook Bug Leaks Private Photos

Facebook revealed a bug in the app development, which let the apps access the private pictures of users. An estimated 6.8 million users where affected. The apps were expected only to access images posted on a user’s timeline. But, a bug allowed the apps to see any images linked to the account. That includes images on Facebook Stories, Facebook Marketplace, and those uploaded but no published. However, photos shared on other platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger were unaffected by the bug. Currently, Facebook is working on a toolkit which will prevent such bugs in the future.  

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Artificial Intelligence Dictates Machine Learning In App Development

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and that’s not an overstatement. Experts are predicting that during the rise of AI, it will surpass $36.8 billion for AI-driven solutions by 2025. AI and ML are delivering solutions and work as a personal assistant, malware detection, and support. The AI and ML algorithms “learn” how to recognize certain patterns and deliver a complete  AI-driven personalization. The technology will help to improve the number of services, including digital marketing and customer care. Two thousand nineteen will be the year to seize the new generation of AI-driven mobile apps.

Weekly App Recap (Week 52)

Fintech App Development Fields You Should Consider Investing To

Both finance and technology are booming markets, but fintech is something entirely else. It’s a digital way of banking, that along with cryptocurrencies projects a way of things to come. Furthermore, fintech has several fields of development you should consider investing in 2019. These are mobile banking applications, P2P payment apps, digital banks, insurtech, and P2P lending. And the only thing that is left to do is find an app worth investing in it. There is currently a dozen fintech startups with amazing potential. Just find the right one.

And that’s it for this year in app development. We leave 2018, and we are set to see the marvels of 2019 app development. The AppGeeks team wish you a great New Year!

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