Weekly App Recap (Week 50)

To describe December as a feeling, we could compare it to that rush to complete all work-related tasks as soon as possible. As you’re trying to wash that feeling away, take a break with this weekly roundup! It brings you the vision of amazing things to come!

New apps, AR & VR, and cloud development are just some of them. Let’s start this weekly roundup!

Student Creates A Mahjong App

Zach Schapiro, a 22-year old entrepreneur, proves that necessity is the mother of innovation. The Schapiro family treats Mahjong like it’s more than a game. For them, it’s a tradition, and even his grandma from Romania plays it. Waiting for his opponents, Zach often wondered how to simplify game decisions. Then, he started thinking of developing an app solution. With this in mind, he started learning app development at the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. There he worked in the Venture Incubator program with his mentor Dr. Vincent Day. After a year Schapiro developed Mahjong Accomplice. The app analyzes the tiles, and gives suggestions of top five hands to play.

Why App Development Should Start With Market Research

App developers love to boast about their ability to solve problems. What they lack sometimes is an ability to understand the end user, and research the market. Market research allows developers to see if their solution fits on the current market. Testing in the early stages of development allows for early customer feedback. That gives developers a chance to tweak the product according to the needs and wants of the end user. And that’s the purpose of market research. Without it, app developers can’t determine the value of the app as a business idea.

Weekly App Recap (Week 50)

How To Plan Product Requirements For App Development

The app development business is all about finding that next, big product. And, while most developers are looking for a new product, a great number of them overlook basic development preparation. Development should start with theProduct Requirements Document (PRD). PRD should identify risks, challenge product assumptions, and communicate business and technical requirements. Later on, the PRD will help to guide the product development process and to merge developer’s wants and client’s needs.

Role Of Cloud In App Development

Cloud computing is one of the trends that revolutionized technology and app development. It’s numerous features such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and advanced coding integrations allows developers to turn into entrepreneurs quickly. There are differentroles of cloud computing in app development. First, it reduces the costs of the app development. Second, it makes the app development process smoother and faster. Combining these two, Cloud gives developers a chance to develop enterprise-level apps in less time and fewer costs.

Flutter 1.0 Wants To “Take Comprise Out Of App Development”

Flutter 1.0 wants to venture into space a few inhabit in the app development world. The Flutter team wants to deliver a coding platform which will be effective for both native and hybrid apps. And so, they claim they managed to do so withFlutter 1.0. Its code is powered by Dart programming language. The Flutter dev team claims that their current ambition is to become the dominant coding platform for iOS and Android app development. Whether or not they manage to do it depends on that will app developers start using their platform at scale or not.

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The Use Of A.I. In Android App Development

There’s an estimate that the A.I. industry will pass $17 billion by 2020. While it’s a fascinating technology, at this point A.I. works better as a concept. It’s awesome for the fulfillment of smaller tasks, but using it for the complex back-end purposes is still far away. Luckily, there are several features A.I. to integrate intoAndroid app development. These are face detection, text recognition, image labeling, and landmark detection. However, making the most of the A.I. features and developing an awesome Android app is something entirely else.

Weekly App Recap (Week 50)

Komm The Productivity App

Matthew Thomason and Noah Simon, entrepreneurs from Arkansas, are developing a productivity app.Komm is a productivity appaimed at increasing efficiency and cutting costs. The app’s target audience is professionals, mostly employees, and clients. It features instant messaging, video and audio chat, file sharing, calendar sharing, and so on. Komm should make the workplace more productive, and work easier. The first public preview of the app prototype should be in January.

AR Apps And Social VR Happenings

According to SuperData mobile, AR apps reach over 1 billion users. Therefore, businesses are finding a way to integrateAR and VR into their apps and business. Some notable examples in this category are the Celebrity Edge and Walmart. Celebrity Edge sells cruise ships, and their AR app offers a tour around their newest ships. Walmart implemented a bunch of codes, and when the customers read them with the app, they show animations or other features. They already see more engagements since clients find AR apps to be cutting edge and fun.

And that’s what is for this weekly roundup. Stay tuned for next week when will go through the finest pieces of news from the app development world.

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