Weekly App Recap (Week 47)

Walking home from work in late November is a trendemous feeling. As the work-related stress dissipates in the chill of autumn night, it’s time for a warm up. And, it comes in the form of the weekly roundup! Yes, it comes with technological advancements, paradigm shifts, and future trends.

Let it be the first step you’ll take to an amazing weekend. Let’s start this weekly roundup.

Google Opens The Door For PWAs To Take Off

During the Chrome Development Summit, the staff gave an announcement that will probably change the app development world. The PWAs or the progressive web apps are taking more space in the market, and getting more similar to the native apps. Moreover, Google is willing to play with them, making the Web more friendly to PWAs. The benefits of Google’s inclusion of PWAs will be less coding, better app integration, support across platforms, and so on. Google should open the door for the PWA since web and app developers don’t want constraints in their development pursuits. And they shouldn’t have any.

The Impact Of 5G Network On Mobile Apps

The implementation of the 5G network will change how and why we develop mobile apps. In just two months the 5G network will help to combine data computation with millions of devices in a matter of seconds. And the network comes with stronger wireless power, better connectivity, lower latency, and IoT integration with more devices. However, not everything is strawberries and sunshine when it comes to 5G. Whether or not the world and its customers can use the 5G network at the same pace as the technological development is a different matter.

Weekly App Recap (Week 47)

The Basic HTML And CSS Are Enough To Develop An App

The mobile app development is a constantly changing field. Therefore, the amount of coding as HTML and CSS development required for app development is less now than it was previously needed. Today, most app developers only use the basics of HTML and CSS for app development. After all, both HTML and CSS deal with front-end development, and they are there to support the app, providing it with great user experience and user interface. Unlike web developer, an app developer should have a strong command over basic tags and property manipulation.

Low-Code Vs. Custom Software

Low-code platforms and custom software were insanely popular this year. While each has a rightful place in the app development, there is a remaining issue of which is better to use for app development. And so, there’s a low-code and custom software comparison for you to read. It’s detailed, and more importantly, honest. Along with the article, there’s a table which states facts and compares the app development methods.

Mark Zuckerberg Ordered Facebook Executives To Use Android Phones

The New York Times claims that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg ordered Facebook executives to use Android phones only. The whole “brand war” thing started when Tim Cook, Apple CEO, criticized Facebook for being a “service that traffics in your personal life.” The “beef” is several months old, and it goes way back to Cook’s comments on the Cambridge Analytica scandal. What is to come is yet unknown, but there’s a single thing you can be sure of, and that’s that app development business is bigger than both of them.

FDA Launches App To Support Clinical Trials

The FDA introduced a MyStudies app, which collects real-world evidence through mobile devices. It significantly increases the efforts to collect diverse clinical information for clinical trials and other research. The whole thing came together after a successful pilot study with Kaiser Permanente. Then, the FDA decided to release the open source code and technical documentation which will allow researchers and users to customize MyStudies app.

Weekly App Recap (Week 47)

Goa Governor Launched Goa Traffic Sentinel Mobile App

On November 17, Goa Governor Mridula Sinha launched Goa Traffic Sentinel mobile app. Goa police developed it. Under the project of Community Policing, the police force have an objective to include citizens in assisting traffic police. And, what came to a total surprise is how citizens are interested in helping the police through the app. The Goa Traffic Sentinel is an Android-based mobile app for reporting traffic violations. It’s one of the few times when app development made the world a better place.

Mobile App Development Trends For 2019

Smart devices became important to us as a part of our bodies. Therefore, the app development will be even bigger in 2019. However, during 2018 there was a lot of integration of various technologies with app development. Still, trends which survived, and which are going to shake 2019 are Dapp development, the blockchain, Android instant app, mobile payments, and so on. But, like the previous year, the actual trends will be presented during the second half of 2019, where you will see what app developers picked up, and what they didn’t.

And that’s all for this weekly roundup. Stay tuned for next week, when we will take a peek at the most fascinating, interesting news from the app development world.


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