Weekly App Recap (Week 45)

The time has come for another weekly roundup. So, before you start your weekend, and hopefully get some rest, read what happened in the app development world. And as always, when it comes to the app development, it was a week full of new events.

And we won’t waste a minute more of your time on the introduction. Let’s dig in this weekly review.

JavaScript Mobile Frameworks Comparison

JavaScript gave birth to three different frameworks, and those are React Native, Ionic, and NativeScript. Read about each framework, as well as how these mobile app development frameworks stand in comparison with each other. In the end, they serve almost the same purpose. There many similarities in the way each framework operates, as well in their app developing capabilities. And, of course, they are all flawed in some way. But, it’s a good reminder to keep learning and adapting in this ever-changing landscape constantly. Finally, the article lists market opportunities for each framework, and the top apps developed with JavaScript mobile app frameworks.

Weekly App Recap (Week 45)

Low-Code Platforms Ends Legacy System Gridlock

Companies are facing a huge problem when it comes to coding and maintaining legacy apps. The CEO of OutSystems, Paulo Rosado, claims that the hyper-productivity in the low-code environment is a crucial turning point when it comes to ending the legacy apps gridlock. The gridlock being the massive maintenance of legacy apps. He argues that coding in the low-code environment improves the company, enhancing operations, monitoring user experience, architectural agility, and security, all that at scale. The massive legacy apps will have to take an extra mile to keep up with requests of the digital era and switch to a more efficient method of app development.

Viithiisys Tech Acquired Actiwate

Viithiisys Technology acquired Actiwate, an app development startup. The acquisition should help Viithiisys to expand the list of clients and their product portfolio. When it comes to the app development, they believe the acquisition will help them to improve their visitor management app. The merger came as no surprise since Actiwate looked for a way to scale their operations, and Viithiisys wanted to improve their product development. But, it’s still to discuss merger’s results early. They didn’t disclose financial details.    

Cost Of Blockchain Wallet App Development

When we observe news as a continuity, here and there comes a truly informative, insightful piece. And one such piece deals with the cost of blockchain wallet app development. A Bitcoin mobile app wallet is a versatile, secure solution, and effective for trading in digital currencies. But, there are many things to consider from a developers perspective. While there are some features a blockchain wallet app must have, the development gets pricier as more finesse is introduced to process. The final cost of the product development varies depending on the details which define the Blockchain wallet app.

Webby Central Announces Acquisition Of AppsChopper

Webby, well-known web development and digital marketing company from Boston, announced the acquisition of AppsChopper, a world-class mobile app development agency from New York. The company decided to take the growing opportunities in the app development market. It seems like this will be a season of a big acquisition. The companies claimed they want to use the latest technologies and develop apps to get and serve new clients.

MetaMask Announces Mobile App

A popular Ethereum wallet interface MetaMask, developed by ConsenSys, announced the release of a mobile app. Currently, it lets the users manage their Ether and ERC-20 tokens. They revealed it during DevCon, a popular Ethereum-focused conference. Throughout the conference, they showcased the mobile app wallets for both Android and iOS, and it was shared all on Twitter. The users of browser app, available on Google Chrome, Firefox, and the crypto-funded Brave, wanted a mobile app for a long time MetaMask is finally going to provide that.

Diablo Immortal Faces Mixed Reviews

The Blizzcon showcase ended with a mixed reaction when they presented the audience with Diablo Immortal, a Diablo game for mobile. While the game design looks amazing, and the game has many zones and dungeons, and an easy-to-use gaming system, it’s not exactly what the fans wanted. The fans were more interested in either a new game or a revamp of Diablo 2. Diablo is a legendary game, renowned for its lore. Players want the story because it’s that amazing. Blizzard, partnered for the project with NetEase, will have to rethink their game launch strategy. Reactions came, and Blizzard didn’t share any further information on the release.

Weekly App Recap (Week 45)

TikTok Tops App Charts

Chinese company Bytendance merged with popular lip-syncing app Musical.ly to create its own lip-syncing app TikTok. And it paid off big time. TikTok topped YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook while user base increased by 30%. Currently, the app has around 130 million active monthly users. But, not only it topped all other platforms, but it did so in the US. And this is the first time an Asian company managed to be the most popular in the US market.

And that’s one eventful week. But that’s how app development world is. So, stay tuned for the next weekly roundup, when we will go through the most interesting news from the app development world.

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