Weekly App Recap (Week 44)

Well, work is stressful. But before you go out to your favorite bar for some “detoxification,” it’s time for this week’s review. And the week behind us was rich with development. Read everything about machine learning in app development, predictions, new apps and more.

Finally, let’s end the suspense. Let’s see what happened in the world of the app development last week.

Machine Learning Is Changing App Development

Tech is moving forward, and it’s influencing app development like never before. Machine learning opens possibilities to build apps with even more features, security, and stability. Machine learning will take on some of the issues developers are currently facing. But what makes this technology so fascinating is that it’s already finding its rightful place in the app development. The article lists apps already using machine learning. If you are wondering where to take your next app project, read the article. Find more about the technology of the future, and make it your competitive edge.  

Insight Into The Real Estate Mobile Applications

While they aren’t as popular as social or financial apps, the real estate apps still have an important place in the app development. The real estate apps give users an easier method of finding their new condo. And since most people are searching on mobile nowadays, it’s only logical for such an app to appear. However, the article goes in deeper, discussing the must-have features of such apps, and ways to monetize it. Who knows, maybe it’s going to be the new, amazing type of app to revolutionize the app development market.

Flutter Is Ideal For Cross-Platform App Development

Discussing the best app development platform is always such a fine sport among developers. This article explains what makes Flutter such an amazing development platform. Also, Flutter allows for cross-platform app development, making it the desired environment to develop in.  Flutter’s main advantages are the low-code environment and the number of features that come with the platform. Also, it takes less time to code with Flutter, reducing the budget and the cost of app development. Read the article and learn more about what makes Flutter so amazing.

Weekly App Recap (Week 44)

CCNY & Partners Develop An App For The Visually Impaired

City College of New York developed a GPS-type app ASSIST. The ASSIST app is a part of a larger, SAT-Hub project which has received a 3-year grant for the $750,000. The app is created in purpose to help people with disabilities operate in large indoor spaces. It’s meant to help a range of people, from visually impaired to the autistic people. The man behind the app is Zhigang Zhu, a professor and a researcher from the Grove School of Engineering.

The Future Of The Mobile App Development

The mobile app development is already huge in the tech world, and it’s going to become even bigger. In a way, it’s to be expected, since the mobile took over the tech world a few years ago. Since there’s a constant wave of innovation and implementation of different technologies in the mobile app development. Some of the trends that are going to stay are AR and VR, IoT, cloud-based apps, and chatbots. However, even with knowledge of these trends, it’s totally another thing to find a way to implement them into an app successfully.  

Low-code Accelerates Digital Transformation

When it comes to digitalization, mobile app development is an essential part of digitalization strategy. With the higher availability of feature-rich mobile devices, the need for mobile exploded throughout the industry. For the most part, the roadblock to digitalization is the price of app development, and time required for the app development. Low-code apps are about to change all that, and therefore, change the app development as it is.  

Weekly App Recap (Week 44)

Facebook Is Developing A Music Video App Called Lasso

Facebook inked a major music licensing deal and is ready to pull out a few music-related features. Among them, the most prominent is Lasso, a standalone app for the younger demographic. The app will allow recording and sharing a video of teens lip-syncing to popular songs. Certainly, Facebook plans to add other features to make the app more interesting to the younger generation.

Marketers Are Now App Developers, And They Don’t Even Know It

Finally, the last piece of each roundup is left for a piece to be your food for thought. And this time, the piece is about how marketers are a huge part of app development. And, of course, this isn’t just some crazy hypothesis. On the contrary, the piece uses “Excel” as an example to prove the point. While Excel was a standard in the business long since the invention of “smart app,” the marketers, among others, were those who used it to its fullest extent. Later, it was only natural for the app to evolve.

And that’s it for this week’s review. See you next time when we will discuss new and interesting news from the app development world.  


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