Weekly App Recap (Week 43)

The moment has come for this week’s roundup. It’s time to get the latest, the most important news regarding app development. While the past week was all about predictions and amazing development, this one is more like a blueprint of things to come.  

But enough with poetic descriptions, let’s deal with facts. Let’s see what the past week was.

App Mirroring – Microsoft’s Best Development Move So Far

Microsoft relationship with app development was from the start. While the company does a great job in almost every aspect, app development isn’t their strong suit. However, this time Microsoft did an unexpected pivot for the app development for the app development issue. Initially, the original problem was the time that had to be dedicated to the transition of the apps from desktop to mobile to complete. Now, most apps will be available through App Mirroring, and available through Your Phone application. Even though this is an amazing business move, only time will tell whether or not this was a great business strategy.

RCS – A Possible Trend To Impact App Development

John Sulivan, the project director of Virgin Trains, says Rich Communication Services(RCS) could impact app development budgets. Virgin Train bases the estimate on the Virgin Train research. Virgin Train kept sending RCS messages to its customers since July. The purpose of the message is to alert the passengers on their traveling status. It came both as an experiment and a substitute for the SMS messages most passengers receive when traveling. However, RCS messages look more like an app than a text message. With all RCS have to offer, it’s possible that RCS is going to impact app development.

Weekly App Recap (Week 43)

The Uncertain Battle Of The Native Apps And PWAs

When it comes to app development, React Native is becoming a prominent skill. There’s a legitimate question about the status of the native apps in general. And, with the rise of the progressive web apps, what will the future of apps look like in that new landscape? The article goes into detail, showcasing the pros and cons of both types of apps. Even after the examination of both app types, the future remains uncertain. Here, the time itself will be our greatest teacher.    

Hacking Cellphones With Hackaday

A truly interesting read, since it doesn’t deal with app development in the usual sense. In this article, you can get the basics of what’s needed to hack a cell phone. While it isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill topic when it comes to the app dev, it certainly is fun, and really a niche interest developer can have. However, to try this, you’ll need to know how to operate hardware as well. Finally, it may prove a fun activity for some, and the challenge for others. At least be sincere, anyone with a computer wanted to be a hacker just once.

Top App Development Frameworks For 2019

This piece goes deeper into the subject matter, as it predicts the best mobile app development frameworks for 2019. It pits over ten most popular frameworks against each other, showing benefits of each of them. Among those is Ionic, React Native, Flutter, and Native Scripts. But, each recommendation sorts just several main benefits. For a deeper understanding of both the subject and the frameworks, visit their official documentation.

AR & VR Are The Future Of Mobile Game Development

The mobile is pushing through the new frontier to make the PC a thing of past. And, it’s declaring a new conquest, the future of mobile development, through AR & VR technology. Since the success of Hearthstone, the developers are looking for the next big thing to reach even higher. So far, the only visible competitor comes in the form of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. Still, with the expansion of mobile technology, both in software and hardware, it’s hard to imagine what will happen next. Somehow, it seems that the results will be visible soon enough.

Mobile – The “Achilles Heel” Of Digital Transformation

Even though the digital transformation is currently in full effect, the majority of digital leaders continue to complain about a problem they all share. And that majority, unbelievable 84% of it, claims that mobile is their “Achilles Heel”. It prevents them from reaching their business goals. Dropsource, a powerful low-code company, did a study on the issue and found that this lag is killing their market competitiveness. Find more about the study and the interesting data it contains.

Weekly App Recap (Week 43)

Mobile App Trends For 2019

The last piece in this week’s roundup deals with trends for the coming year. And anyone wishing to have great success in the app development field has to keep their head in the game. Knowing how to make a business or an app successful is much easier when you follow the trends. And the mobile app trends for 2019 are really interesting. Read more about it and find out are you prepared for what’s coming.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup. Have a great weekend and see you next time, when there’ll be new and fantastic news from the world of the app development. Stay tuned.   


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