Weekly App Recap (Week 42)

Hello and welcome dear masters and enthusiasts to another weekly app roundup! And, you know how in movies it’s always “quite before the storm”. Well, that’s this week in a nutshell. Nonetheless, it’s been an awesome week for the app development. It was a week of guides, predictions, analysis, and new products.

But you know what even better than that? That’s right, showing you the actual thing in detail.

Mobile App Development – The Infographic

First, we have an awesome infographic on app development with regards to the latest trends, such as IoT. The infographic goes into detail about the process of the app development. Also, it gives the reader a glimpse into several areas which make up the app dev process. But, it discusses the influence of the blockchain on the app dev ecosystem heavily. Each bit of information is crucial and relevant to the current trends and markets. Finally, it crowns it all with a beautiful infographic which makes this a worthwhile read.

Introduction to the Standby Apps

The Android Pie brings a bunch of new features, and Standby Apps is one of the shining examples. It operates Standby Buckets to segment the apps and stores them in their rightful categories. Segmentation is done based on the user’s preference when using the apps. Currently, available categories are active, working_set, frequent, and rare. Next, the article divulges how to use the app, as well as to use its different features.

Weekly App Recap (Week 42)

Android Developers Questioning Google’s Account Suspension Policies

An article any serious Android developer should read because it’s about Google’s suspension policies. The topic went viral as many developers face the same issue as the anonymous person dealing with the Android apps and ecosystem. The issue came up when the anonymous person went viral with the email surrounding the ban on a Google Store account. Then, it took a completely new form on Reddit. And, it resulted in a total uproar, which you should read about if you are an Android developer.

The Possible Impact Of The Blockchain Technology On The Mobile Development Space

Usually, it’s good to discuss things to come. Especially, when those things are becoming embedded in the way we use the Internet, and in turn, change the app development as a process. So, it’s going to be so beneficial for developers to seriously think about the possible impact if blockchain technology on the app development world. It’s highly possible that shortly some of the app dev technologies will become obsolete. Find out which, how and why.

Realtime And Cloud Firestore And Which You Should Choose

And, what a roundup would be without an actual chance to make up your mind regarding an important development issue. This time it’s about Firebase. Firebase is a BaaS or a backend as a service. Of course, it’s main use is to build high-quality apps. Now, there’s a Realtime database and Cloud database. Read on to find out about what makes each option so amazing for the app development. And you can even use it for your upcoming project.

A Study On DoorDash Business Model

Even though a developer may be highly proficient when it comes to coding and programming, their business side may remain undeveloped. But, reading through a study, and especially a thorough one gives the developer a fresh insight into a successful app business model. The DoorDash is an application that connects customers to their favorite places to eat, acting as a food delivery service. Arguably, it’s an already condensed market, but they managed to cut through the noise.

PWA’s To Create A New Approach To Customer Experience

Progressive Web Apps or PWA is going to take over the mobile app development world. It’s more than a fancy framework or more possibilities. It’s about the approach, and what you can do with PWA’s. The PWA will change what business owners and product developers may be able to sell as a part of the user experience. In effect, the customer journey and the way customers use the web will change. However, it takes around about 12 weeks in the best case up to the year in the worst case scenario to implement a PWA app or a framework. Whether it’s up for you is a different thing.

Weekly App Recap (Week 42)

AppInstitute – An App Builder For A Busy Small Business Owner

Finally, we have a product to share with you, and an amazing one above all. The AppInstitute is an app builder which helps you to build an application for your business even if you don’t know how to code. During the previous weeks, we extensively covered how the low-code trend is impacting the app development climate. Surely, this is a change not likely to pass. The app gives you a possibility to use a drag and drop builder, use rich media, retain full brand control, as well as to integrate social media profiles. A truly marvellous product.

That’s it for this week. Make sure to stop by and read the most important news from the app development world. Stay tuned for more.


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