Weekly App Recap (Week 41)

Ladies and gentlemen of the app development world, masters and enthusiasts alike I bid you welcome to this week roundup! Well, you know that part of the Saturday when you go an hour early to your favorite bar? Multiply that by two, and you’ll get how awesome this week was for app development.

Enough of telling. Let me show you the good stuff:

Apps Main Feature Should Be Solving Users Problems

Let’s kick off this roundup with a remainder that apps should be about users. To be more precise, apps should solve user problems. And this could be crucial for the success of solopreneur, a startup, or any developer. Since developers constantly seek new frameworks and technologies, it doesn’t harm to have a slight reminder of what app development should be. And that’s solving problems.

Apps Should Integrate Accessibility

With new tech comes a chance for greater inclusion, and that means people with disabilities. New solutions appear to help to include people with hearing and visual impairment. Before, including features for people with disabilities seemed like a bonus, but now it’s becoming a mandatory feature. With technologies like Siri, OCR tech, sensory tech, the people with disabilities get a customer-centric solution to their everyday problems. Who knows, maybe one day these apps allow people to live “without disabilities.”

Practicality Is A Virtue, Apps included

That’s exactly why we should get the help of apps to sort out our finances. And that becomes much easier when we consider that there are five apps on this list. A developer or not, personal finance is a field in which most people are as literate as rocks. You don’t have to spend hours learning about finances. Now you can have them sorted out by a “click.” And each app comes with special features to make your money management easier. Investing in one of those, and some are free, could save you from headaches and boost your overall effectiveness.

Weekly App Recap (Week 41)

Apps should be easier and faster to build

However, what makes this week so special is the consideration of lower costs and faster production. The low-code development platforms are increasing in popularity, due to the low-code enabling citizen developers to participate in app development. With low-code becoming a standard in some industries and occupations, new apps can be developed to help with definitive tasks. But, low-code development still doesn’t eradicate the need for professional development services. Again, it’s a big step for citizen app development.

Cloud Computing Gives A Better App Development Opportunities

Cloud computing is one of those technologies that came and changed life as we know it. And now, it gives an entirely new specter of possibilities to the app developers. The cloud computing helps by decentralizing work ensuring a better integration, better workflow with employees, improves scalability, reduces app development costs, and allows for integration with cloud provider native apps. Since the globalization is in full swing, having a possibility to interact with your app from anywhere around the world is a huge benefit.

Get Acquainted With Ionic Framework For PWA Development

The Ionic frameworks bring the possibility of building a PWA or progressive web apps. The progressive web apps are easier to build since the Ionic framework is a hybrid framework. It comes with everything a native app SDK comes with, as well as bonus features for a better UI design. Then, you can use Ionic and test it on any platform. Finally, it significantly increases website, and web app functionality reduces load time and data usage. It alone makes it a framework to consider before building your next app.

Weekly App Recap (Week 41)

SAP Raises Efforts to Improve Mobile App Development

SAP, a famous container technology, is looking to expand on the cloud computing tech. With already established customer base, the SAP will embrace cloud and expand its business even further. The backend programme became a staple for several development operations, improving its IT environment even further. Currently, the specifics of its expansions aren’t entirely known. However, it’s possible to say that this power move will have a huge impact on the industry.

Hacking A Billion Dollar Market – The Cost Of A Dating App

Certainly, you’ve heard of dating apps. It’s a kind of remedy for when the “night is dark and full of terrors,” to paraphrase the already evergreen “Game of Thrones.” This article deals with basic costs, features, tech requirements, and the market for dating apps taking Tinder as an example. Also, it shows where’s the money in this type of app development. However, it’s a good read to end this list, since dating is one of those needs which will never go out of style.

That’s it for this week of reviews. Have a great day, and tune in next week when we will review the most interesting finds from the world of app development.


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