Weekly App Recap (Week 37)

Tidings, ladies and gents, and welcome to another edition of the Weekly App Recap. We’re in the mid-September, cooler winds are beginning to blow, and some of us are actually wearing pants.

But, enough with the weather report – you’re here for some news from the app development world, and we’ll deliver. Today, we’ve got some interesting news, engaging news, and even some sad ones, especially for Android users. So, let’s get going, shall we?

Microsoft Launches Azure DevOps to Streamline App Development Process

Microsoft is always looking to streamline app development, making it easier and more convenient for everyone to build new apps. That’s why they came up with Azure DevOps, a brand new platform, integrated with several open-source services, allowing for speedy app development. This platform will enable developers to not only quickly develop the apps, but also deploy them, track workflow and test them out.

Weekly App Recap (Week 37)

Be Curious Partners Invests in Kinedu, New Baby Development App

Here’s a piece of news from the healthcare sector. As you know, healthcare is getting more and more digitalized, and healthcare companies are investing, ever-increasingly, in various applications. This time around, it’s Be Curious Partners who have invested into Kinedu, a brand-new baby app. Kinedu is built as an aid for parents and offers tips on age and stage-based developmental activities to do with their child. Kinedu helps parents understand their new-born better, and can be a priceless piece of software for new parents, which is why it is garnering such support from Be Curious Partners.

Startup Introduces App to Bring Predictability to Development Process

It is a well-known fact that projects on GitHub suffer severely from lack of tracking and predictability. That is why Anaxi, a startup company founded by veterans of Apple and Docker, developed a specialized app that will help alleviate this problem. Their new app will allow the developers to predict bottlenecks, and, ultimately, set milestones during software development. Either way, the application is much-needed, and Anaxi are sure to be praised for their foresight in this regard.

Startup Introduces App to Bring Predictability to Development Process

Terrarium TV to be Shut Down for Good

Onto some sad news. Terrarium TV, a sort of Netflix for the masses on Android, is shutting down for good. The app allowed the users to stream movies and shows onto their Android devices, similar to how Popcorn Time works. The application enjoyed immense popularity, but Peter Chan, the app’s creator, announced two days ago that the application will be shutting down, and that he’s going to work on other projects.

CareerBuilder’s Mobile App Uses AR and AI to Help Your Job Search

Finding a proper place of employment isn’t always easy, but your woes might just be coming to an end, thanks to CareerBuilder’s brand new app. The revolutionary app is your personal, mobile job searcher, and it will not only build your resume and apply to jobs for you, but show you what businesses are searching for new employees in virtual reality. The application also heavily utilizes AI machine learning to be able to find more job openings and further personalize your job feed.

8th Wall Web Frees Mobile AR from Tyranny of the App

So far, AR is confined within applications, but it seems that “tyranny” is about to come to an end, with 8th Wall at the helm. The esteemed company created their own 8th Wall Web that made it possible for id that AR to be accessible for every phone that features a camera and web browser. The CEO of 8th Wall, Erik Murphy-Chutorian, said that the limitation of app AR was that it was hard to integrate it into the app development process and that not all smartphones had the capabilities to support it. Hopefully, with 8th Wall Web, Mr. Murphy-Chutorian hopes these problems will be overcome once and for all.

Weekly App Recap (Week 37)


What Does the Future Hold for the Companies Developing Mobile Apps?

With the number of mobile phones reaching over 1 billion, the importance of applications is also on the rise. With more and more applications hitting the market, mobile users are setting some standards, separating good from bad apps. So what are the current standards and trends that govern how the apps are built? Importance of interfaces, motion sensors and m-commerce are just some of them. As for the rest, you’ll have to read about them on your own here.

New Pipeliner CRM Mobile Released

Pipeliner is announcing the latest version of their ground-breaking CRM app! The application will now include new and improved dashboards, and you’ll be able to view Activity Performance, as well as a visual health analysis of your pipeline opportunities. You’ll also be able to filter the data to get to the information you need the most. The new application is also made specifically for the new cloud version of Pipeliner, making the application ever more efficient.

And, with that, it’s time we wrapped this week’s recap up. There were some interesting news here, and we especially liked the innovation CareerBuilder brought forth with their new job-searching app. Let’s hope they keep up the good work, and we’ll return next week with some more news, and, we hope, some more news of this app’s success. Until next time, cheers!


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