Weekly App Recap (Week 36)

Hello, hello, and welcome app developers and app enthusiasts alike to yet another Weekly App Recap!

The work week’s over; it’s time to unwind, catch up with your friends, have a drink, and freshen up on the news from the app development world. Today we’ve got a very diverse selection of news and articles, and some of the most exciting stories will be centred around Google’s new experimental podcasting app, Instagram’s new shopping app, and JRebel, a neat plugin for Java.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and see what we’ve got!

Benefits of Mobile App A/B Test for Developers

Once apps are made, they, of course, need to be tested. This is where A/B testing comes in. This kind of testing is performed by segmenting an app, singling out its components, and comparing them to different versions to determine which the best option is. On top of that, such testing can be performed during production, where the developers can test new features being released to see how the users respond. A/B testing has many advantages and is often used in both consumer apps and company apps.

Weekly App Recap (Week 36)

JRebel Speeds All Java App Development

With Java updates being release almost semi-annually, some of the developers worry it might affect its quality. This mostly stems from the fact there isn’t enough tool support for new iterations. However, when in a pinch, there’s always Rogue Wave’s JRebel, a JVM plugin that integrates amazingly with most leading frameworks. This plugin allows developers to make changes in the applications as they run, in real time, instead of having to make changes then redeploy the application.

Instagram is Reportedly Developing a Dedicated Shopping App

While it’s not news that Instagram has shopping-related features, the social network never really insisted on creating a centralized e-commerce hub. However, all that is about to change, with Instagram creating a new application called IG Shopping that will solely focus on allowing users to buy various goods and services. The app is also said to support electronic payments, which is sure to appeal to many a user.

Weekly App Recap (Week 36)

This is “Shortwave,” Google Arena 120’s Experimental Podcasting App

Podcasts have been popular for years now, but never before has anyone created an app that will make podcasts as accessible and convenient as your car radio. This new app, called ”Shortwave,” will hopefully revolutionize how we listen to podcasts, mostly by cutting them up in bite-sized chunks that are most relevant and entertaining to the listeners. The drive behind such innovation is because Google realizes there are a lot of podcasts, and that people don’t have the time to listen to them, which is why smaller chinks are much more suitable for the hectic lives listeners tend to lead.

To Make a Progressive App or Not

With the statistics showing that a vast majority of people spend their time on mobile using apps, one would think that web browsing is becoming a thing of the past. However, statistics also show that people visit around 100 websites a month, with very few downloading new apps during that time. With that, Vahid Taslimi, director of forms and mobile at Nintex, feels like it’s time to give more attention to progressive web apps as a bridge between apps and classic web browsing.

Best Programming Languages for Android App Development

Android is arguably the most popular mobile operating system in the world right now, with over 2 billion monthly active users. This means that the app demand for this OS is very high too, and many developers are devoting to creating native Android apps. But using which language? Among the many, Java, Kotlin and JavaScript seem to be the most prominent and most widely used, making them, perhaps, the absolutely best choices.

Top Principles to Follow for Sustainable App Development

Considering how fast the world is going nowadays, it’s entirely expected for fads to last a short time. The same goes for apps, as they can fall into disfavor at the same speed they raised in prominence. With constant updates and changes to operating systems, an app developer has to follow specific rules and guidelines (collectively named Sustainable App Development) to keep their app relevant over a long period of time, all of which are listed in this short article by Entrepreneur.

Weekly App Recap (Week 36)

Importance of Adding Geolocation to your Mobile Application

As it is stated in the previous piece of news, apps tend to be forgotten quite quickly. So what can be done to make users more engaged with the said apps? Of course, there are the Sustainable App Principles, but we’re talking about something more specific this time – geolocation. It might not be an imposing feature at first glance, but it has many uses, and is even responsible for the popularity of some very prominent apps, especially dating apps like Tinder.

And this is where we pull the plug. That’s all the news we have for you, folks, and we’re sure you’ll find most of them exciting. As for us, we’ll remain ever vigilant, scouring the net for more news, and we’ll see you next week at the same time and same place with more of them. Cheers!

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