44+ Mobile App Facts to Consider for a Great UX (Infographic)

Did you know that there are 2.53 billion people who use smartphones and 57% of traffic on an average site is through mobile devices? Did you also know that app usage takes up 90% of the total mobile uptime? What’s more to it, 40.4% of all users tend to buy more goods after downloading the company’s app.

When taking into consideration such statistics, it’s clear that having an app opens the door towards millions of potential customers for businesses. However, only having an app is not enough – the success largely depends on how effective the app’s design is. Namely, 1 in 4 people never use an app again after their first use, and the main reason for this is poor user experience.

Making silly UX mistakes will not only affect the use of the app, but it will also influence the customers’ buying decision. In fact, 31% of users are less likely to purchase from a company with a mobile app that provides poor UX.

This infographic illustrates how mobile app UX can be improved and app development companies may find great value from it. Take a look at it and discover over 44 facts that you should consider in order to deliver an app that your target users really need and love.

44+ Mobile App Facts to consider for a great UX (Infographic)

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